DIESEL Fadelite DZT2019 Smartwatch – Red, Plastic Strap, 43 mm


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Stand out from the crowd with the Diesel Fadelite DZT2019 Smartwatch . It has a colourful strap and a lightweight, unisex design, so it looks and feels great on your wrist. It’s smaller than a standard smartwatch, but packed with all the same features you’d expect. Take phone calls, read messages and get audible alerts without having to reach for your phone. Or ask Google Assistant for directions, reminders and more. You’ll hear the answers and see them on screen. Got a race coming up? The Fadelite DZT2019 tracks your activity and heart rate, and lets you set goals through Google Fit. GPS and on-board music storage mean you can leave your phone at home while you train. With Google Pay you don’t need to take out your purse when you shop. Just wave the watch over the card reader, and it will work like a contactless card.

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