FOSSIL Carlyle HR FTW4026 Smartwatch – Brown, Leather Strap



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Smart and sophisticatedThe Fossil Carlyle HR FTW4026 Smartwatch features modern tech in a classic design. It can make calls, tell you the weather, track your heart rate, play music and make contactless payments – all while looking great. Oh, and tell the time too.Add a personal touch to your smartwatch. Custom Mode lets you create individual profiles for different activities. And you can swap out the strap to match your outfit, or customise your watch face with a photo from Instagram or Facebook.Stay in touchGo hands free and sync your smartphone over Bluetooth to view texts and messages straight to your wrist. Android and iPhone users can make calls and talk on the go.It’s not just your friends you can chat to. Ask Google Assistant for the weather, directions or to set a reminder to buy milk. You’ll hear the answers out loud on the built-in speakers.Keep fitWhether you’re out for a jog or a yoga session, track your fitness progress. The watch automatically measures your pace, heart rate, distance travelled and calories burned. And the cardio fitness tracker measures your VO2 max, using biometrics to tell you your overall fitness level.Got a half-marathon coming up? Set a goal and see how you’ve improved through Google Fit. Untethered GPS and on-board music storage mean you can leave your phone at home while you train.Sleep trackingWorrying about sleep? The Carlyle HR has you covered. Track sleep history, monitor your restfulness and set sleep goals.With rapid charging and extended battery mode, the watch can be worn all day and night. So you can charge while getting ready in the morning, and use the watch 24/7.Pay without your walletJust like contactless on your phone, you can make payments with Google Pay. Perfect for grabbing your morning coffee without rummaging for spare change.______________________________Please note: Voice calling is only available when tethered to an Android phone.Google Pay is not currently available in Ireland.

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